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PT. Kalenesia is dedicated in the business of industrial protection for wear abrasion problems for plant components and pipe systems. We offer a complete range of wear resistant lining material based on mineral, ceramic, metallic, epoxy hard compound and cement bonded hard compound.

In addition, we have extensive experiences in the field of flow promotion lining in order to ensures the material flow without sticking and clogging. Interruptions of material flow inside of hoppers and bunkers must be avoided. We uses different lining materials for that purpose and offers the most suitable protection and fastening techniques.

We are also specializing in repair and protection of cables that have been damage by UV, ozone, oil, mud, chemicals, water salt and others. Our cables protection coating also can protect your cables from fire damage. We are able to upgrade any existing cables to the highest technical standard.

In order to be a one stop solution, not only we provide a complete range materials to protect your precious factory, but also installation services to make sure the function properly.

We are committed to providing quality products and best services to our customers